CNN is reporting a story out of the McCain camp about Palin going “rogue.” According to a McCain staffer who chose to remain anonymous, there are complaints inside the McCain-Palin campaign that Palin is getting off-message and is perhaps more interested in the top of the ticket in 2012 than she is in VP in 2008.

Sounds like the definition of a maverick to me. Can’t take your own maverick ways, eh, John? I guess we should not expect anything else from a campaign and a political party that are both in meltdown.

Good luck on finding stations with gasoline available so long as credit availability is locked down tight.

At least one person has mentioned to me this morning that gasoline is becoming more scarce. Many gas stations on his normal commute route were out of gas this morning. This is despite the reopening of the Gulf pipeline and greater supplies.

Has the credit crunch extended to the gas stations already? Can they not afford to purchase gasoline from their suppliers due to the fact that the credit markets have totally dried up?

If gas stations had to pay cash on the barrel head (pun intended) for gasoline from their suppliers it would take a huge amount of cash. Cash that no station I can imagine would have on hand or even in the bank.

If you figure a 10,000 gallon delivery at a steeply discounted price of $3.00 per gallon, that works out to $30,000 dollars for a single delivery. Perhaps company owned stations can deal with this, but the independents will be totally unable to purchase gasoline so long as credit is unavailable.

Perhaps this is part of the plan by the large oil companies to put the independents out of business. If so the timing of the credit crisis could not be better.

Look for long gas lines, and incredibly high prices when gasoline is available. Food will become scarce as will other necessary items. Many businesses of all types will fail and we will truly have a depression. This despite the fact that the current administration does not admit that we are already in a recession.

It will not be pretty.

The best thing we can do now is vote the republican greed machine who caused this crisis out of office on November 4.

Get out and Vote for Change

Vote Democratic

on November 4

I will be voting for Kay Hagan this year in the North Carolina US Senatorial race against Dole. The primary reason is that Kay is a democrat and she believes in the same things that I do.

The second reason is that Dole is an elitist Bushie. Not only does she vote almost totally with Bush and his bozo policies which is a bad thing, but she is impossible to contact.

I have sent her many emails and attempted to telephone her many times. In most cases the telephone line was unanswered — just rang off the hook — and in the rest the voicemail was full. Except for once when I actually got a staffer.

My Democratic representative, Brad Miller, for whom I will also vote this November, always responds to my emails, either with another email or with a hard-copy letter. I have never had trouble talking to someone or leaving a message when I phone his office, either here or in Washington.

Like Brad, Kay is a person with whom I can communicate. She is not isolated like Dole. She is responsive to individuals and their needs.

Last Senatorial election cycle for Dole in 2002, I saw a letter in the News and Observer which I think makes the elitist point quite well. It was from a local company CEO. He indicated that although Dole did — and still does — have a reputation as being isolated from the vast majority of her constituents, he never had any problem contacting her. Hmmmm! No wonder. She loves CEO’s with all the money they can bring to the table. Or under it perhaps?

Unfortunately the N&O web search does not go back that far so I cannot provide a link.

I want to elect a Senator from North Carolina who will be responsive to the people not to special interests. Please join me.

Here is the link to Ms. Hagan’s web site: