The goal of Organizing for America yesterday, October 20th, was for 100,000 calls to congress to support President Obama’s health care plan including a strong public option.

How many calls did we make? 100,000 calls? Actually, we had made 100,000 calls by 3:15PM yesterday.

200,000? 300,000?

No! As of 6:45 this morning we have made over 315,500 calls to congress! And they are still being tallied.

You rock!

You are so fantastic to more than triple our original goal. Thanks for all your hard work yesterday, today, and every day!

Alice and I, along with Vickie, our Barack Obama Change Crew Seven Leader, and her three girls worked on cleaning up the greenway near our house today as a service project for Martin Luther King day. We collected four large bags of trash in about ninety minutes, and due to the fact that there were only a few of us and so much trash we barely scratched the surface.

If you walk the greenway it will look a bit better because we managed to get much, but not all, of the trash close to the pedestrian walkway. Further away from the walkway we did not have enough people to do so, and we were unable to wade in the water to get much of the trash that was in the stream beds.

The Worst

Most of the trash we collected was near Durant Road Middle School. That area was a mess. Clearly the students are dumping trash and “other stuff” there between classes and during sporting events on the fields behind the school. The greenway runs behind the school on the far side of the athletic fields.

We found clothing, plastic bottles and aluminum cans, glass beer bottles, beer cans, cans and bottles which had been used as spittoons for chewing tobacco, used condoms, a bright red snow sled (which we commandeered to haul the trash away), plastic and foil bags, complete home packed lunches — lunch boxes included, newspapers, magazines, and much other assorted trash.

Perhaps a discussion with school authorities is in order and some sort of regular cleanup day would help the students understand that they need to be ecologically responsible. My brother and I suggested this when we were going to elementary school and it became a yearly event.

More Disgusting Stuff

Many dog walkers try to clean up after their animals and, as we walk the greenway most days, many of the people we see are carrying plastic bags with the dog poop that they have cleaned up. However some owners don’t clean up or even worse, collect the poop in bags and then throw the bags into the brush and the streams. The latter is the worst possible thing you can do!

If you are one of the morons that does this, please stop now!!! The plastic bags hurt the environment all by themselves, and they prevent the poop from being broken down and reused by nature. At least if your dog poops and you leave it, the poop will degrade and return to nature in a short period of time.

Tomorrow, Monday, January 19th, at 10:00am, Alice and I will be doing some cleanup along the greenway in Durant Trails and between Cub, near Gray’s house, and Hiking Trail, near the pool. If anyone else would like to join us tomorrow, please let me know by 5PM today so I can put together a little more of a plan. My email is david at both dot org.

Also, I know I do not have the email addresses of all the folks in Obama Change Crew 7, so if you would, please forward this on to anyone you may know that I have missed. Whether you are a member of the Obama Change Crew or not, you are welcome to join us.


Alice and I are preparing to collect food for the “Yes We Cans” food drive with a number of other people here locally and many more around the country. This is part of the Obama philosophy that “we are the change we seek.” It is also in celebration of Martin Luther King Day, which is Monday the 19th.

The temperature is about 20°F this morning so we are dressing warmly. BRRRR!

Watch for more news from Obama’s Change Crew 7 here in North Raleigh.