Web Site Outages Today

Due to a failing power supply, my web and email host has been repeatedly rebooting every few minutes this morning. This caused intermittent web site outages and would have made accessing this web site quite frustrating. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I was able to determine that it was the power supply quite easily because it was very hot to the touch. After replacing the power supply the server is now running butu there is still a problem.

There appears to be an issue with the motherboard in which the system dies and won’t restart when the case is placed in an upright position. This is probably cause by a short on the motherboard that is created when the case is upright and the weight of the cables is causing different force vectors on the main board.

I hope to do some additional testing to determine the true source of the problem and repair it. This might require purchase and installation of a new motherboard.

Expect more hopefully short outages today and possibly tomorrow as well.

Thanks for your patience.

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