Last night we attended a “Change is Coming” party/meeting in our neighborhood — one of many held simultaneously all around the country. This is a very important and exciting continuing use of the organization developed by Barack Obama for his campaign and takes us to the next step, which is actively working for the change for which we voted.

We were really impressed because over 60 people signed up for this event and most of those folks showed up. We all have a great deal of energy in creating this change and so it was a very fun and exciting event.

The basic idea was for us to list all of the things that are important to us and then select the top three upon which we will focus in the coming months. We did choose three and this information will be passed up the communications links to Obama headquarters where they will aggregate it and determine the priorities of the administration.

Our priorities here in North Raleigh are:

  • Health Care
  • Environment
  • The Economy

These priorities go a lot deeper and broader than the list would suggest at first glance. As one example, for health care it is important that we have universal health care that is easily available to all. It should travel from job to job with you, be free of exclusions due to pre-existing conditions and without regard to socio-economic status.

Each of the three items also includes commonalities such as creating new jobs, feeding the hungry, reinvigorating the economy, freeing the United States from the tyranny of dependence upon foreign oil, developing new sources of energy, and ensuring social justice for all.

In addition we have formed local groups around these items at the top of our priority list and will be working locally on these items as well as nationally. And we will also be working on some of the items that did not make the top three, but with less emphasis; they will not go away and also need our attention.

It is truly exciting to have a voice in determining the directions for the next few years — and hopefully far beyond. We are once again energized and feel empowered by the political process instead of alienated as we have been for the last eight years.

I will post more here as we further refine and define our goals and we begin to act for change.

Yes We Can!

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