I use Linux on all of my personal computers. Whether on my NetBook, my very old Dell laptop, my much newer ThinkPad, to my personal workstation and my email and web servers, Linux runs them all.

I am forced to use Windoze on my laptop at work, despite the fact that my job is a Linux Engineer. Go figure.

But every day I use Winblows at work is another day that I am thankful I have Linux at home; primarily because of the daily frustration of using a crappy operating system. Windows 7 is supposed to be better, but it does not take much to be better than before. Just because you are happy with it due to the fact that it is now better, does not make it good; it only means you probably don’t know what a good operating system is.

Well, this did not start out to be a rant but that is what it has turned into. I guess it is all the frustration from being forced to use it at work. My original point was to be that there is an interesting article about switching from Windows to Linux for your desktop.

Read the article here: This is your Brain on Linux Desktop

Don’t let my rant stop you from trying Linux. Or perhaps you should not try it at all. Things this good, like Linux, should really be kept for only those who are wise enough to use it; after all what could be better than something that costs nothing and works better than anything similar for which you could pay any amount of money?

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