David Both, president and Senior Consultant of Millennium Technology Consulting LLC, announced today that he will be presenting at a session of the Palmetto Open Source Software Conference (POSSCON) on Friday March 25.

The Palmetto Open Source Software Conference brings a world-class lineup of IT thought leaders to the Southeast for three days, Wednesday March 23 through Friday, March 25, to discuss the latest issues for developers, executives, government leaders and educators.

Open source software continues to be one of the hottest and most relevant topics in information technology as organizations strive to meet the increasing demand for innovation with shrinking budgets. That’s why the goal of the organizers is to provide affordable access to quality open source education.

In 2010, more than 350 people from 14 states, 20 colleges and universities and about 100 business and government organizations attended.

In 2011, POSSCON will be held at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center for all three days and will feature an executive forum, hands-on workshops, and social and networking events. Programming tracks will be offered in the areas of Technical, Educations, Healthcare and Leadership.

The mix of people in addition to stellar speakers, affordable registration fees, cutting-edge staging and Southern hospitality make POSSCON a must-attend event. People from varied backgrounds have attended since 2008 and all say the same thing – “this is a truly unique event and a unique blend of people.” We’re proud of that.

Mr. Both will present a workshop session on OpenOffice, a Free Open Source Software office suite. The presentation abstract is below.


The OpenOffice Challenge
Why are you not using this great Free Open Source Software?

OpenOffice is a suite of office programs that allows users to create, modify and manage documents of various types including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics and databases.

As Free Open Source Software becomes more mainstream, many organizations are taking a closer look at software like OpenOffice in order to reduce expenses. And who can deny that free software can reduce expenses? Those organizations have many questions about the viability of Open Source Software in their desktop environments regardless of its cost.

Questions I promise to answer:

  • What does “free” really mean?
  • Can I run my business on free software?
  • What is OpenOffice?
  • Is there Documentation?
  • Can I get support?
  • Where is the pain?
  • Do my existing documents (spreadsheets, presentations, etc.) work with OpenOffice?

In the spirit of answering this last question I request that you challenge OpenOffice. Please send me NON-CONFIDENTIAL documents which you (and/or your lawyers) feel can be shared, and which were created with your current office suite. These documents will be used as examples during the presentation. The document which, in my sole opinion, is least compatible with OpenOffice will win a prize. A “document” can be a word processing document, a spreadsheet, or a presentation. All entries become the property of Millennium Technology Consulting LLC and may be used in this presentation or may be used or redistributed in other ways by Millennium Technology Consulting LLC in accordance with the Creative Commons License, V3. So really, they should not contain any information you do not wish shared with the rest of the world.

Please send your OpenOffice Challenge documents to challenge@millennium-technology.com on or before 11:59 PM March 18, 2011 in order to be eligible for the prize of a free copy of OpenOffice for your desired operating system. What? Oh, wait – Well, I’ll think of something for a prize.

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