My wife and I drove to Ohio 2 weeks ago. On the way home we stopped for gas about a mile from my mother’s house in Columbus. My intent was to hit a gas station on the WV turnpike or in central NC when we took a break. Well, when we took a break we ate but did not need gas. Still intending to take another break we never did. Got home on 11.1 gallons of gas in my 2001 Toyota Prius.

I filled up last Friday. Friday afternoon we went from NE Raleigh to eat at Mama Dip’s in Chapel Hill. Sunday church. Monday Costco and errands. Tuesday we went to Carolina Beach near Wilmington, NC. Ate lunch on the river downtown. Back to the beach. Then home, intending to get gas on the way out of town or on a break. The gas there was too expensive and we did not need a break. Got home with the last bar of the fuel indicator flashing. Went to get gas the next day and put 11.007 gallons in a 11.9 gallon tank. Not the first time we did this.

I love my 2001 Toyota Prius which I bought new and now has over 141,000 miles.

I once had a steering problem in the middle of winter in Cherry Hill, NJ. The dealer treated me like royalty. Said it would take couple days, but we were there for a week anyway. Gave us a car to drive and asked us if we needed a place to stay. Called the second day to say that Toyota engineers requested that they replace all of the mechanical steering components due to the vibration caused by the problem whether there was any visible damage or not. I paid not one single penny for that. And the car was already 4 years old.

I have had similar treatment from any dealer I used, especially the one I purchased the car from here in N Raleigh, Leith Toyota. They replaced the main battery at 86,000 miles, again at no cost to me.

My next car will be a Toyota Prius. No question in my mind at all.

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