Once again we have gone to the beach for a week and returned to Raleigh on a single tank of gas. And then some. This is in our 10 year old, Gen 1 Prius with 143,000 miles on it.

I filled up Thursday, September 1 in Raleigh. We drove to Pine Knoll Shores on Friday. We spent the week being lazy and doing touristy things and drove home again on Friday the 9th.

To the beach and back for a week we got 50.1 MPG.

We got 50.1 MPG going to the beach and back for a week.


I ran some errands on Friday and the picture above shows the Consumption display at the end of the day on Friday. Overall we got 50.1 MPG for this trip of 483 miles.

Then I added about 10 more miles on Saturday running some additional errands before filling up with 10.1 gallons of gas. And I had to try hard to get that much in it.

I sure do love my Prius.

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