So here we are, December 22, 2012, the day after the world was supposed to end according to—no, not the Mayans—the morons.

The Mayans did not predict the end of the world. They created a calendar. The calendar ended yesterday.

Look at the calendar on your wall. It probably ends on December 31, 2012. Does that mean that the world will come to an end at midnight December 31, just because there is not another page to turn?

Of course not. Neither did the end of the Mayan calendar mean the end of the world. If you think so, then send me your contact information as I have a useless survival kit to sell you.

What the Mayan calendar does mean is that the Mayans were very smart. They created a calendar that could be used for millennia and which was accurate to boot. That implies a serious knowledge of astronomy and mathematics.

I can’t wait to see who is going to be next to declare the end of the world, and how it will occur.

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