Memorial Day weekend 2008 is here. And by coincidence Alice and I have been watching a very appropriate program on DVD.

I say coincidence because back in November I bought a copy of Band of Brothers and had been going to watch it then. Other projects intervened and forced us to postpone viewing this mini-series. We started watching last weekend and have managed to view several of the episodes. We will probably finish up this weekend.

If you want to know why we celebrate Memorial Day, watch Band of Brothers. I read the book several years ago and, although it was very powerful, Tom hanks and the other directors and producers have done a fantastic job of bringing this story to the screen in a way that tells the unglamorous story of these heroes and depicts the horrors of war. And I think these men and their story stand in for all who served in WWII and all of our other wars.

I was born about a year after my father returned from the Pacific in WWII and service on the aircraft carrier Bunker Hill and a destroyer tender. My uncle, his brother served with the 69th Infantry Division in Europe. Another uncle was a high ranking officer in the Pacific, two aunts served in the WAVES, and my mother worked in a war plant. They were all heroes.

Thanks to all of you! We remember what you did.

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