Book progress

I have submitted chapter 10 – “Aways use shell programs” – of my book to my publisher. This chapter is about all of the reasons to use shell scripts to automate the SysAdmins’ work. It uses a sample script template to illustrate one method for development of scripts in the SysAdmin world including creating a statement of requirements, using a template as a starting point, coding, testing, and the issues of speed in development vs that of functional performance.

I am currently working on chapter 11 – “Test early, test often.” This chapter may take a little longer than usual to complete due to some foot surgery scheduled for this week. Chapter 11 goes into more detail about testing for SysAdmins including creation of a simple test plan, testing as part of development, and testing in production.

At the moment I am a good bit ahead of my submission schedule and hope to stay that way despite the slight delay.

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