My Toyota Prius is getting even better gas mileage than it has in the past. This is a bit of a story but I think it is very interesting.

About a month ago I had to have the main battery replaced. This was with about 91,000 miles on my car, which I would think would make it officially beyond the 8 year/80,000 mile hybrid power train warranty. I have had the car for a little over seven years. My dealership, Leith Toyota in Raleigh, North Carolina, replaced the battery under warranty and provided me a rental car at no charge while we waited for the new battery to come in.

I have to say that this is incredible service and far beyond what I would expect. Needless to say I will be going back there for my next Prius or whatever might be even better when the time comes.

55.4 MPG

Getting 55.4 MPG for the first 67 miles after my last fill-up.

However I have noticed that with the new battery I am now getting in the low 50’s for gas mileage instead of the high 40’s. How great is that! I can only surmise that the new battery, while the same basic technology as before, must have been tweaked a bit. I have noticed that my Prius now is more aggressive about turning off the gasoline engine when the vehicle is coasting to a stop or stopped. That will make a great difference right there.

After my last fill-up I actually was getting 55.4 MPG. It is currently at 53.6 MPG. I cannot complain about that a bit. Although I suppose if it ever does drop back down below 50MPG I will be somewhat disappointed.

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