Revised Figure 2-6 in Volume 3


Figure 2-6 in Volume 3 has been revised as shown below.

Config itemOption nameValueDescription
Network typetypeethernetThis could also be various types of VPN, or bonded connections. Those options are outside the scope of this course.
Interface nameifnameenp0s8This is the name of the interface as displayed by the nmcli device command.
Connection namecon-nameenp0s8This is the name of the connection that will be used in commands. It will be part of the interface configuration file name. I like to keep this name short for ease of typing. I use the NIC name to make identification easy.
IPV4 addressipv4192.168.56.1The static IP V4 address we assign to this interface.
Gateway IPV4 Addressgw4N/AThe default route through the virtual router.
IPV4 DNS serversipv4.dnsN/AUp to three DNS server IP addresses, Be sure to use the double quotes.
Figure 2-6: A list of the information required to configure the enp0s8 network interface.