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Last Updated on March 29, 2024 by David Both

Calling All Free Software Champions! Join the Open Source Revolution at both.org!

Are you a Linux wizard, a kernel whisperer, or a guru of the command line? Does your mind sing in code, and your fingers dance across the keyboard with tales of open-source triumphs? Then lend your voice to both.org and the digital campfire where the free software revolution gathers!

Here’s why you should join our vibrant community:

  • Reach a passionate audience: Share your insights with a thriving community of developers, sysadmins, and open-source enthusiasts. Your knowledge will fuel their projects, spark discussions, and shape the future of software freedom.
  • Unleash your creativity: We welcome diverse perspectives and formats. Dive deep with technical tutorials, dissect the latest distro releases, explore ethical implications, or pen humorous anecdotes about your open-source adventures.
  • Make a real impact: Every article and every line of code shared contributes to a more collaborative and accessible tech landscape. You’ll become a part of a movement building a better future for software.
  • Gain recognition and visibility: Showcase your expertise, build your online presence, and connect with fellow enthusiasts and potential collaborators.

What topics are we hungry for?

  • Deep dives into Linux kernel mysteries
  • Practical tutorials on using open-source tools
  • Reviews and comparisons of popular distros
  • Insightful analysis of open-source trends and policies
  • Personal stories and adventures from the trenches of free software
  • Creative explorations of the impact of open source on society

Ready to join the party?

  • Read our submission guidelines and Style Guide: We value clarity, accuracy, and engaging writing.
  • Craft a compelling pitch: Tell us what your article is about, why it matters, and what unique perspective you bring. Make us excited to read it!
  • Polish your piece: Proofread like a compiler scans for errors. Typos and grammatical demons are best banished before submission.
  • Hit submit with confidence: Your voice deserves to be heard. Share your knowledge, ignite the open-source passion, and contribute to the revolution!

Here’s how you can submit your ideas and articles.

Whether you’re submitting an article for us or just an idea, we look forward to hearing from you. Just send them to Open@both.org. We’ll review it and contact you.

Both.org is more than a platform; it’s a community of dreamers, doers, and builders. Join us, and together, let’s write the next chapter of the open-source story!

Remember, even Linus Torvalds started with a single line of code. So, what’s your first line?