MasterFrame update


Last Updated on March 25, 2022 by David Both

I have done some additional hacking on my primary workstation after initial installation in the CoolerMaster MasterFrame 700. The picture shows the current state. There will never be a final result because this frame just cries out to try new things.

The first thing I did was add the pair of fans on the right side of the main frame. The frame I mounted the fans on is not part of the MasterFrame. It was originally part of my Thermaltake Core X9 case and I used it there for fans to cool the hard drives. It works perfectly on this MasterFrame 700 and I mounted it using the small flat-head bolts with washers provided with the MasterFrame. I use these fans to move cool air over the motherboard with its two M.2 SSDs, four memory DIMMS, and two plug-in adapters. One of those adapters is the Radeon Pro WX2100 graphics adapter.

I lowered the 5.25 media dashboard to leave more room at the top of that wing. I also added the BASH sticker.

You can see the original I/O panel just underneath the media dashboard with the power LED in the shape of the CoolerMaster logo. I have a problem with this panel because it has no reset button or storage drive activity LED. So I purchased the add-on box at the bottom of the picture. This little box contains power and reset switches as well as LEDs for power and storage device activity. It does not have USB or Thunderbolt connectors but the original I/O panel does have those. In order to have both panels active with their common functions, I purchased a set of cable splitters designed for just this purpose.

I originally installed the AIO radiator cooling fans on the left wing to suck air through the radiator. Unfortunately that did not allow a good option for air filters on the back side of the wing because the radiator mounting screws interfered with that. So I reoriented the fans to blow air through the radiator but installed 120mm screens with holes already in the right places between the fans and the radiator. So now I have clean air and a clean look on those fans.

It looks great and works extremely well. The motherboard and CPU temperatures are as much as 5 degrees Celsius less than they were in the Thermaltake case.