Using and Administering Linux: Volume 1 – Zero to SysAdmin: Getting Started is Now Available


Volume 1 of this series is now available in electronic and softcopy versions. At Apress and Amazon.

I have been working on the 2nd Edition of this series for a year and now the first volume is available at both Apress and Amazon. This volume is available in softcopy and e-pub from both sites. Apress also has it in PDF format. Purchasing the electronic version at Apress gives you both e-pub and PDF versions.

I’m very happy with the way all three volumes have turned out. All of the errata that was in the 1st Edition have been resolved. New chapters have been added for NetworkManager, systemd, and more. Some existing chapters have been significantly revised while others have been moved to a new sequence that provide a better subject matter flow.

Refer to Using and Administering Linux – Zero to SysAdmin: 2nd Edition here on this website for details of all three volumes.