Fedora 39 Released


Fedora 39 was released on November 7, 2023, 20 years and 1 day after Fedora Core 1. A lot has changed in that time. More options for just about everything but I won’t enumerate them here. You can read the Fedora 39 release announcement for yourself.

I usually upgrade to new versions on the first day or two but it took me a few more days this time. I upgraded all 12 of my home computers yesterday. Using the standard upgrade tools and instructions all of my computers were easily upgraded in a few hours. I could have done it more quickly but chose to do only 2 or 3 at a time.

I have noticed one interesting changes that affected my backups. The options I used to mount the backup devices, one internal drive and one external USB drive, now throw an error when trying to mount the backup devices. As a result I had to remove all the non-default mount options to get them to mount. When I have some time I might add those options back in one at a time to see which have been obsoleted. I may not since everything seems to work as expected. The new line in /etc/fstab is shown below.

LABEL=Backups /media/Backups ext4 defaults 0 0

This does affect the rsbu scripts that you might download for Chapter 47 in Volume 3 of my “Using and Administering Linux” books, and Chapter 14 of the “Linux for Small Business Owners” book. I have fixed the program that prepares your system and the hard drive for your backups and will make a revised RPM available on my web site along with revised instructions after I have finished testing. I will add this information to my errata page when I have created and uploaded the revised package.