Can Windows security get any worse?


Really — the lack of security.

If you’ve been reading this site or my books for any length of time, you know my attitude towards Windows. It SUCKS! Big time. Always has and always will.

In fact I’ve never used Winblowze as a primary operating system on any of my personal computers. I went to great lengths to not use it in my working for other people days and was mostly successful. Mostly.

I have used Windows in VMs for testing and research for my books and articles but that’s the extent of it. After all, I needed to figure out how people could migrate from Windows to Linux for my book with co-author Cyndi Bulka, Linux for Small Business Owners. I couldn’t just tell our readers to “just figure out for yourself how to copy you’re data to a USB drive because I don’t want to learn enough to help you do that,” now could I? I actually waited to purchase my copy of that junkware until no one else was in the local computer store since I didn’t want to explain.

I’ve also helped people, including Cyndi, migrate away from windoze for many reasons which I won’t burden you with. Yup — I know a bit about how bad it really is.

So I enjoyed reading the article, Windows: Insecure by design, posted June 28 on The A Register, by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols.

No spoilers here — go read it for yourself.

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