Why I use Linux

Roll My Own Computers

I like to build my own computers for two reasons. One, I like to build my own computers, and two, I do not like having to pay for a copy of winbloze that I will never use. Building my own also allows me to purchase exactly the configuration I want, and not have to choose from one of a few “standard” configurations that the vendors have decided that I should be allowed to use.

Using Linux

Installing Linux on the computers I build is an easy decision. First, because Linux is free and second, because it is much more powerful and capable than anything I would have to buy from Microsoft for an arm and a leg.

I find Linux easy to install, use and maintain.


Yes, Fedora Linux is my favorite distribution. You can see that from the links I have chosen to add to this site. There are several reasons for this, but that does not mean that I have anything against other distros or that the others are bad.

  1. I started cutting my Linux teeth on Red Hat 5 in 1996.
  2. I worked for Red Hat as a trainer for several months in 2001.
  3. I am an RHCE.
  4. Fedora is on the leading edge of much Linux and Open Source software. I kind of like being out there.

All of this means that I am most familiar with Red Hat and Fedora because Fedora is the upstream parent of Red Hat. I have tried other distributions for various reasons, but I always keep coming back to Fedora.

Lots of Software

Another thing I like about Linux is that all kinds of software is available for it, and most is high quality and also Open Source and free of charge. In fact, most current Linux distributions, Fedora included, come with almost all of the software anyone could ever use, or it is quite easily available.

The list of even just the categories is too long to keep here, but there are several web sites you can check out to find various types of software.

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