Why it’s important for leaders to mentor and support others

After decades in the tech industry with invaluable mentorship, a seasoned professional is now giving back by mentoring new tech aspirants through DigitalBridge. This nonprofit offers adaptive online training for aspiring tech professionals, breaking barriers in traditional education and creating inclusive opportunities in tech. Additionally, participation in open source communities and events like All Things Open enhances this mentor’s ability to guide and inspire learners into digital careers, embodying a cycle of learning and giving back.

Use rclone to put your files in the cloud

There are lots of third party applications out there that purport to solve my sharing-with-the-cloud problem. I chose Rclone – an open source command-line program that can be used to copy files between computer file systems and the cloud, providing backup, restore, duplication, one-way and bi-directional synchronization and even “file streaming” – making a folder appear virtually in your physical filesystem. Not just with Google Drive, but with all sorts of cloud providers, both proprietary and open source.