Download problems with “Using and Administering Linux – Zero to SysAdmin” files


Some files for experiments do not download properly

It was brought to my attention by reader Benjamin Robertson that experiments that use the wget command to download files from GItHub result in unusable files. This is due to an error in the URL and can easily be corrected.

For example, the command:


Should be:


Note that /blob/ should be changed to /raw/ in the above URL as well as others that use the wget command. The known instances of this problem are in:

  • Volume 1, Experiment 12-1
  • Volume 2, Experiment 6-1
  • Volume 2, Experiment 6-3
  • Volume 2, Experiment 17-1
  • Volume 3, Experiment 17-1

This problem does not occur when the wget command is used with other sites such as RPMFusion and WordPress. It only occurs with GitHub.

I apologize for any problems this has caused you. I am working with Apress to determine why this problem has just shown up.