Millions of Openly Licensed Images and More at Your Fingertips


Looking for stunning visuals to elevate your projects without copyright hassles? Dive into Openverse, an open-source search engine overflowing with over 700 million openly licensed images, audio clips, and more. Think museums, libraries, NASA imagery, and countless other content creators share their work for you to utilize.

Openverse goes beyond simple image searches. Machine learning tags categorize content for precise exploration, and one-click attribution ensures proper credit to creators. Find the perfect picture for your blog post, presentation, or any creative endeavor—endless possibilities!

This file is available under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

This innovative tool isn’t just a pretty face. It’s the evolution of the Creative Commons (CC) Search tool, now boasting expanded content sources and ambitious plans for the future. Openverse envisions a world where access to the estimated 2.5 billion CC-licensed and public domain works online is a seamless reality. And the best part? All the code behind this magic is open-source, welcoming contributions from anyone who wants to join the mission.

Ready to start exploring? Using Openverse is a breeze. Just type your search term and hit enter. Watch as results populate, categorized by image and audio with filters for commercial use and modification permissions. You can even narrow it down by specific CC license type, ensuring perfect alignment with your project’s needs.

Remember, attribution is key! Openverse provides easy tools to credit creators properly, respecting their licensing terms and fostering a vibrant sharing community.

Want to take it further? Openverse is all about collaboration. Host your own version, contribute to its development, or propose new features to make this treasure trove of creative assets even more powerful.

Openverse: it’s not just a search engine; it’s a gateway to a world of boundless creativity, freely accessible and waiting to be explored.

Dive in and unleash your imagination!