Open Hearts, Open Source: Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Creativity and Community


Love is in the air, and this year, you decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a tech-savvy twist: the open source way! Like a modern-day Cupid with a digital toolkit, you’re armed with a list of tasks to spread the love near and far. From heartfelt greetings to festive decorations, you’re ready to show your appreciation for loved ones, and many open-source applications are here to help!

Unleash your artistic side with Inkscape, a powerful vector graphics editor. Let imagination soar with OpenClipart, your treasure trove of free, user-contributed clip art for every occasion, including Valentine’s Day!

“Altered Heart Candy Box for Valentines” by Yma’s Fun is marked with Public Domain Mark 1.0.

Find adorable designs, playful symbols, and romantic illustrations licensed under Creative Commons Zero, so you can use them freely.

Heart image with "Be My Valentine"
Created by Don Watkins with InkScape CC by SA 4.0

Add your personal touch with Inkscape’s tools, creating unique designs for cards, mugs, or even placemats.

LibreOffice Writer: Spread the love with personalized greetings! Writer offers intuitive tools for crafting beautiful cards and posters.

Beyond Clip Art:

You can also incorporate images like these with some of your own and create a short video clip using the OpenShot video editor. You can easily add narration by recording a separate voice track using Audacity. Sound effects can be added in Audacity, saved to a file, and imported into a soundtrack on the OpenShot video editor. Find legal background music to add to your video. Find music that can be remixed and shared using Openverse and Audacity to create a soundtrack for your video.

Livestream your holiday gatherings with Open Broadcaster Software. Using the software, it’s easy to use OBS to present an engaging holiday show for your friends and family, or you can save the program as a Matroska or MP4 file for later viewing.

Open Source Celebration:

This Valentine’s Day, show your love to individuals and the vibrant open-source community! Consider these additional ideas:

  • Contribute to an open source project: Spread the love of code by contributing to a project you admire. It’s a fantastic way to learn, give back, and connect with fellow developers.
  • Host a virtual open source meetup: Celebrate with fellow tech enthusiasts by organizing a virtual meetup focused on open source projects related to love, creativity, or community building using Jitsi Meet
  • Share your creations online: Showcase your open-source Valentine’s Day creations on social media, using relevant hashtags to connect with others who celebrate love and technology.

Remember, Valentine’s Day celebrates connections, and open source provides a unique platform to express your love creatively, collaboratively, and meaningfully. So, get out there, explore the open-source world, and let your love light shine!