Fedora 32 rocks – with a couple issues


Fedora 32 became available yesterday and – LinuxGeek46 that I am – I managed to upgrade 7 out of 8 of my Fedora hosts yesterday as well. It is really cool and works well as I have come to expect from all of my Fedora upgrades in the past. There are some big changes underneath but this little post is not about that. Rather, this post is about the one problem I encountered.

I had no problems performing the upgrades. I have a script that I wrote to perform all the steps as shown here using dnf system upgrade so it was easy for me to do each host. The problem occurred after the reboot of my network server.

The symptom of this problem is that all the network services I run failed to start correctly. This included DHCPD, NAMED, SendMail, HTTPD, and more. The systemd status <service> command showed that each of the services had attempted to start but had failed with errors. This was probably due to the large amount of work that the server needed to perform in the background before it was really ready to run those services.

Theoretically, systemd should start everything in parallel so long as the network is up and running. I have discovered that this is not actually true in an edge case like this.

The solution to this was to start each of the services manually. A reboot would have worked as well.

Other than that I am very happy with Fedora 32.