My OLF Conference Presentation


Last Updated on September 27, 2023 by David Both

OLF 2022 is over now but videos of both days of the conference are available at YouTube. Each of the two videos is of the entire day for December 2 and December 3. All sessions of December 2 which was held entirely in the main room are included in the video for day 1. Only the main room is available for December 3 as the breakout sessions were not livestreamed.

My presentation, “Using and Configuring Bash,” was on December 2 at 2PM. It starts at about 05:08:24. The link below takes you directly to just a few seconds before my presentation begins.

You can download the tarball containing my presentation from my website. It is, naturally, a Bash program instead of a LibreOffice Impress presentation. After all, it is a Presentation about Bash so why not make it a Bash program. It will also be available on the OLF website.