Author: David Both

I am a computer geek by hobby as well as profession. I have worked for IBM, MCI, Red Hat, the State of North Carolina, Cisco, and BB&T among others. I am now semi-retired and have my own company, Millennium Technology Consulting LLC through which I do speaking, training and consulting for Linux and Open Source Software.

Your computer isn’t broken – it just needs Linux

Longevity – an interesting word. I use it here to help clarify some of the statements that I hear many people make. These statements are usually along the lines of, “Linux can extend the life of existing hardware,” or “Keep…

Speaking at Ohio LinuxFest

I will be speaking at Ohio LinuxFest this year which runs October 12-13 in Columbus, Ohio. My talk is titled, “Be the Lazy SysAdmin,” in which I discuss ways for SysAdmins to work smart not hard. The schedule has not been…

Hardcopy of “The Linux Philosophy for SysAdmins” now available

The author’s hard copies of my book, The Linux Philosophy for SysAdmins, showed up on my front porch yesterday. The hard copy does appear to be available at Apress and on-line at Barnes & Noble but not yet at Amazon. Amazon is showing availability in February…

“The Linux Philosophy for SysAdmins” is now available in electronic formats

My book, The Linux Philosophy for SysAdmins, is now available for purchase in epub formats on line at Apress and Amazon. The print version is coming soon.