5 note-taking apps for Linux

Notes are part of any writer’s life. Most of my articles begin in a note taking application and that’s usually Joplin for me. There are a large number of note taking apps for Linux and you may use something other than my favorite. A recent blog article reminded me of a half dozen of them. That was an invitation to learn more about how each of these applications came to be and who were their developers. 

SpamAssassin, MIMEDefang, and Procmail: Best Trio of 2024

This trio of applications can be combined to manage server-side email sorting in a beautiful and elegant way. They are my “Best Trio,” because resolving the problem I set out to fix—effective server-side email sorting—took three pieces of software working together. Here’s how I got everything to work using SpamAssassin, MIMEDefang, and Procmail–three common and freely available open source software packages.