The eBook version of The Linux Philosophy for SysAdmins on sale for $7



The eBook version of my book is currently on sale for $7.00 at Apress from now through November 26, 2018. Click on the image at left or here to go directly to My book’s page at Apress where you can purchase it. You can also go here to see all of the eBooks that Apress has on sale.


About The Linux Philosophy for SysAdmins

The Linux Philosophy for System Administrators is not about learning new commands, processes, or procedures. Rather it is about becoming a better SysAdmin through understanding the power of Linux as a function of the philosophies that built it. SysAdmins will learn how to unleash that power with the knowledge enabled by a philosophical approach that targets their unique needs.

This book uses a relatively few common Linux commands to illustrate practical, usable aspects of the philosophy. Readers will learn a philosophical approach to system administration that will unlock the power of the knowledge they already have. This book will enable SysAdmins and others to more fully understand and access the vast power of the command line using commands and tools that they already know and use.

This book takes place on the Linux command line, but it is not about the commands themselves. The commands are only the tools through which the beauty of the underlying structure of Linux is revealed. This book will help you learn how to do that using the philosophy contained in its pages.